Meet Tegan

Teacher, yoga wannabe, reiki graduate, chakra healer, soul + business coach.  I am passionate about helping others become their own boss + their own healers so that they can live a life of freedom and spiritual well-being.

Join our tribe of like minded babes just like you! Love natural living, personal development, courses, community + all the ways to up-level your life holistically? This is your tribe – join us!

I understand what it’s like to struggle with emotional health, lack of direction + vision.  Through my own obstacles, I’ve learnt that to live our best life we must take back our power + choose to do things differently by rising up and having clear goals and a vision.  To learn how to believe in ourselves, manage our emotions, protect our energy and trust in the plan of the Universe.

I’m here to guide you back home to your truth, and help you finally create the life of your dreams. You ready, Babe? Let’s do this. You’re worth it! I work closely with you to release what’s holding you back with your holistic health, so you can rise up and be your best self! Enroll in our Business Bundle, 1:1 Align + Grow Soul Coaching, join our Chakra Cleanse, Have a Reiki charged oracle reading or apply to join my Team and become a business partner.