5 signs you need a life coach

Do you need a life coach?

There are seasons in our lives where we will find ourselves in a rut. I have felt this way a many times in my life. It’s like I have this indescribable desire to do something greater than myself, but I have no idea where to start.

Sometimes we get lucky and stumble upon amazing opportunities. Other times, we need a mentor.

Another key point is that a life coach is basically a mentor for your life. They have been where you are and have cracked the code on how to move on with happiness and motivation to bigger and better things.

You may have a desire to do more. But, you might not know how to do more given the tools at your disposal.  I believe that if you are depressed or unhappy that life coaching models can guide you to your happier self.

Maybe a life coach would be perfect for you. If you are on the fence, here are 10 signs that you should definitely put everything down, take control of your life, and find a life coach.

1) You Need A Life Coach If : You Are Unhappy With Your Life

The main sign telling you to get a life coach is if you are unhappy with your life. This can be related to your career, relationships, skill level, or even location.

A life coach is going to know how to dig into what will really make you happy and set you in the right direction. In addition, your life coach’s suggestions, guidance, and resources can help you make connections with people or consider new career options.

2) You Need A Life Coach If : You Are Looking For a Change in Career

Life coaches can be used for a number of reasons. But, a key reason many people bring a life coach in to help them is because they want a career change. This change can be within your industry, changing out of your industries, or even going back to school.

Your life coach will help make sure you can make the transition while considering family, finances, and your personal goals.

3) You Need A Life Coach If : You Are Constantly Looking Forward to The Weekend

This can be true for a lot of us. We often look forward to Fridays and getting a break.

But, if you are at the point where you despise 4 days out of the week and are constantly watching the clock, it may be time for a life change.

So, no matter the issue, your life coach is going to help you root out the problem.

4) You Need A Life Coach If : You Have No Passion For Your Work or Hobbies

If you do not get excited talking about anything in regards to your work or hobbies, you may need to change careers or branch out.

Having something in your life that brings you joy is what is going to give you life.

So, a life coach can work on implementing elements into your life that make you feel whole.

5) You Need A Life Coach If : Your Family And Friends See Better In You

Maybe your friends and family have pointed out they realize you are unhappy or your attitude has become grim. If you have noticed your loved ones showing concern, this may be a great time for some self-reflection.

The right life coach can work with you to develop a clear path to the better you.


The decision to employ a life coach can be tricky. However, there are plenty of signs that working with one can be very beneficial to your life. It doesn’t always have to be obvious signs of a career change.

an element of my individual coaching is “Soul” coaching.

What is a soul coach?

“In my role as a soul coach, I help people develop a deeper understanding and awareness about their authentic and spiritual self, so they can live a more fulfilling, passionate and rewarding life. I teach clients how to develop their innate intuition and manage their thinking and emotions so they can transform their health, achieve their goals, improve their relationships, strengthen their faith, manifest financial abundance, be of service to others, live their purpose and thrive during challenging times in life.” Tegan

In amongst the vast array of different types of personal coaching you will find a mix of philosophical traditions and spiritual exploration that is referred to as Soul Coaching. This type of holistic coaching aims to work with you as a whole being.
The aim of Soul Coaching is to provide a supportive, experiential method of helping an individual achieve balance in mind, body and spirit. What an individual will be working towards is the realignment of an inner spiritual life with an outer life.
Alignment can be sought with me through my “Align + Grow” 1:1 coaching Or our NEW Align Academy where you can grow at your own pace through many tools and resources.

How Does Soul Coaching Work?

Using a combination of coaching techniques like interactive guided visualisation – known as Soul Journeying – mental and emotional clutter clearing and more practical exercises a Soul Coach will work with you to create balance and harmony in your everyday situations and life. This will all help you connect with your authentic self so that you are inspired to achieve your goals and dreams.

What are you waiting for?

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