6 Risks of Using Essential Oils

6 Risks of Using Essential Oils:

1. You will NEED all the oils.  Oh yes you will need them all. You will buy your starter kit and realise you need Copaiba, or Vetiver, or some Peace! Aw yup you will def need some peace! You will need them all and you’ll buy them all! So this is why you should buy the Every Oil Kit & you’ll be sorted! ? 

2. You will have more motivation & energy! I love using essential oils for energy. My favorite blend is Peppermint and Wild Orange. I put a drop of each in my hands and rub my hands together and then breathe! Arhh bliss!!  Along with carrying Motivation blend in my handbag! Along with peace, & monster juice (aka feral kids blend)!

3. You will notice your family is healthier & happier! This is a huge risk. I mean we are not used to these weird feelings of health & happiness! Wtf is this? I bloody love it!!! Thankfully, now you will have the answers at your fingertips for your families holistic health & wellness! Turn to a natural approach for our families mind, body & soul!

4. People will actually want to hang out with you.  You will smell nice, you will be nice & pleasant to be around. These things called essential oils have such a positive effect on your mood.  You will start attracting like minded people coz did u know when you are unpleasant that’s the kind of people u will attract! Ummm no thanks!

5. Your house will smell amazing and natural!! Throwing away your plugins, candles & oil burners is scary! DO IT! Those things have chemicals in them and you’re breathing them in ALL DAY!! Plus heat destroys those wonderful therapeutic benefits! Swap them out for an essential oil diffuser. 

6. Your kids might not be as FERAL! You can secretly calm their shit by popping on the magical blend of Lavender, vetiver & cedarwood! OR your kids can learn to regulate their own behaviour through learning what oils to reach for when they are angry, tired, sad or too hypo! Instantly solving those feelings or fears!

BUT wait there’s more risks!! Shit I could do a blog on 100 risks of using essential oils!

Disclaimer: You will say you don’t want to sell, but then you’ll come crawling to me asking me how to sell because all your friends want to buy the oils.  Of course you want to earn some moola to pay for more oils!

The great thing about doTERRA is that you don’t have a monthly order. You can just purchase the oils whenever you want and there is no requirement to sell anything. But I’ll be here WHEN you need help sending someone your link or when your extended family won’t leave your house because you have your new diffuser sitting & smelling divine & they just feel amazing in your house & company!

See babes. This is RISKY Business Essential oils are a huge risk. ? If you’re willing to take these risks, then click here to get your essential oil starter kit!  www.mydoterra.com/freedomtribe 

Another risk! If you are in NZ I can offer you BUY NOW PAY LATER! Risky…. but worth it!! Hit me up!

Peace, Love & Happy Oil Vibes!

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