Slay your goals in 2018

Now I have my goals in place for 2018.  I can begin to SLAY these goals!
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First of all I believe it is great to reflect on 2017!  Ask yourself about how you think your year has been.  Now it may have surpassed all your goals and desires or it may have been an epic fail! Get in the correct mindset when reflecting and analyzing your year.  Look in at your life from the outside, what are you grateful for? what have you learnt about yourself? what could you have done better?
The Review your year workbook – By
It has 10 questions you need to ask yourself before you start planning your 2018!

Next I read The Slay Your Goals Guide
Are you ready to follow through on your goals?  Achieving your goals is only 20% setting them, but 80% Slaying them.

These bad boys will have me slaying in 2018! I am so excited for the new year.  I have a clear direction of where I aim to be and what I aim to achieve.
My goals are achievable & I will SLAY THEM!!!
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