The #1 thing you can do right now to monetize your blog

Do you know the #1 thing you can do right now to monetize your blog?

So you may know that to make $ on your blog you either need to be getting paid to do sponsored posts about a certain product, put ads on your site or blog with affiliate links to name a few.  I see so many blogs with a massive following and I do a search of their website and there is no sign of any monetization at all.
I am unsure if people are uninformed or just want to leave advertising out of their blog.  But why not make some $ doing something you are passionate about.  Plus get income that is reoccurring, not just a one off for posting about a product and not knowing when your next sponsor will come along.  Some sites I know are overkill with their ads but please don’t let this put you off!  There is a simple way to monetize you blog without being an affiliate to a million companies and your site coming off looking crazy.
If you were to do one thing to monetize your blog and nothing else I would suggest this ONE THING YOU CAN DO!!!!

Create a blog post about how to create a blog!

Yup as simple as that! There may be a few things to put in place on that blog post but I assure you that if you already have a lot of traffic to your blog or you are working on that traffic then
This #1 post can be duplicable! I can show you the steps to create this post and what needs to be in it!  Check out my post CREATE A BLOG
Now of course you could look at my blog post and copy and paste for FREE but if you allow me to give you my swipe copy with instructions to make it your own with your own affiliate links.  I give this swipe copy as a BONUS when someone purchases my “Monetize Madness” course!
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Now I think that is bloody valuable to your business!!!
Ok babes
Tegan x

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