1. Single Strategy Sessions for $111 Pay here and you will receive access to my calendar to book your 50 minute session via ZOOM to pick my brain.  Includes lifetime access to the recording.
  2. Become my business partner babe – see below for details.
  3. <<<COMING SOON>>> Healing Sessions for $55 Pay here and you will receive access to my calendar to book your 40 minute session via ZOOM that includes distance energy healing, chakra balancing, essential oil recommendations, card readings, crystal healing + emotional cleansing, etc. Includes lifetime access to the recording.

I’ve been growing my business coach biz for the past 2 years. It began as a business mentor for start up online businesses, helping others up level established businesses + branding.  I have a passion for internet marketing and know the importance of leveraging the online world.  Over the years I have learnt that mind, body + soul health is important for a healthy business too + how our mindset and environment can affect + afflict us! So here I am now on my own journey to holistic health, raising my vibes through self-development, natural solutions + practices to be my best self yet!

I was introduced to essential oils just over a year ago, I thought that they would be an amazing natural solution for my emotional health.  After signing up + using the oils I was immediately drawn to the compensation plan (biz geek lol) Ever since then I jumped right in + have been growing my tribe by helping others with their health + wellness.

I have been having massive results of healing alongside my family and my clients when I used them and shared them with others.  When I learnt about the power of residual income and the ability to weave this health business in with what I have been doing with business coaching I am now in alignment and have a clear purpose.

Now I use all of my skills and expertise from the past few years to bring insane amounts of value to the lives of others with essential oils, my digital courses, daily inspiration and private biz coaching to help others do the same.

I want to share this with you because I am actually opening up 2 business positions right now to be mentored + guided by me in a programme that shows you how to do what I did (whether you are at ground zero or have a holistic biz in some way) to get you started with making an extra $500 – $1000 month in the next few months.<<<<WE BELIEVE IN>>>>

  • Embracing the power of natural health to support families to flourish, creating a ripple effect for years to come.
  • Following your curiosity and passion to create a life that gives you joy, abundance and purpose every day.
  • Invoking your inner strengths to design a life where you’re financially abundant and blissfully aligned.
  • Cultivating a team that chooses collaboration over competition with honest loving support and ongoing inspiration.
When you join our tribe you’ll get access to:
  • Our uplifting mentor programme for ongoing advice and support
  • One on one support for questions, motivation and virtual hugs
  • Team support and encouragement to thrive and flourish together
  • Private ambassador area on our website with all the resources, tools and tips you’ll need to build a business and life you love + being guided through self-development + mindset  to heal along the way!!!!